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You can now rent a bike in Bangalore!!

Hi. I am Vijay. I am a passionate biker. Bikes. Needless to mention, are the most convenient and quickest mode of transport on Indian roads and the cheapest to ride too. Nothing can give you the pleasure and fun that a bike can.

Many a times, when you move into a new city, you feel a great need for a bike to explore the city. But you do not come across anyone who gives reliable bikes on rent. Being an avid biker myself, I have decided to cater to your need. 

So now, you can take a bike on rent in Bangalore! 

May it be for your weekend trip, or to explore the city, or to have fun with your friends, or just to commute to work.

All you need to do is just get in touch with me.

Ring  +91 - 9620554441